Polihale Beach 19.9.2005


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By the way: the namesake Polihale Beach can be found on Kauai...


Polihale Beach is a beach that can be found on the island of Kauai, Hawaii, USA. This private website is intended to encourage its visitors to visit Hawaii -and of course Kauai and Polihale Beach- in person.

Please note that building this site will take a considerable amount of time, especially considering that I create the German pages first and need some additional time for the English pages. If you return once in a while, perhaps some day you will be surprised and might want to stay longer. Thank you for your understanding.

The fotos and stories are about my second visit to Hawaii in September 2005. While the first visit in 2002 covered Oahu and Big Island (with an analogue Camera, sorry, no fotos here), in 2005 Oahu, Kauai and Maui were the desired destination.

I want to provide you with some insights and opinions you won't find in any travel guide or only hidden somewhere the "average traveller" only has a slight chance to come across.

In addition to that I plan to provide references to further reading. There are many books, maps and links that were very helpful when I planned the trip.

Finally, I'd like to encourage you again to visit Hawaii. Start with 2 islands or 3 and you will definitely want to come again. I've seen many places, starting with Europe, Florida, Texas, Nevada, Arizona, California (at least 9 times, if I count correctly, but this includes stopovers to Hawaii...) - but Hawaii is something very special.

And on this website I want to show you why.

Special note to the English speaking reader

You are very welcome on these pages, though I must admit that a number of pages are still only available in German. While this is the case, the links to switch from German to English and back lead you to the homepage of the corresponding language. I know this is quite inconvenient for you if you get to a German page and after clicking on some fotos you have to fight your way back to the English page you were coming from. As soon as the majority of pages is available in both languages, I will change those links to directly address the corresponding page in the target language instead of the homepage. To warn you in advance, links to German pages are indicated with [DE] - which shouldn't stop you from at least looking at the fotos.

Furthermore you will have noticed that I'm not a native speaker. I'm sorry for any mistakes or "strange" sentences or words, but please feel free to contact me (mathias.hehn@gmail.com) with corrections, hints and tips.

(C) Mathias Hehn all rights reserved.