Polihale Beach 19.9.2005


When you got used to wearing suit and tie all (business) day long, you have to accustom yourself to sandals and shorts - but the opposite way at the end of the vacation is much harder...

Mathias Hehn 19.9.2005

Thank you so much

First and foremost I'd like to thank my wife Sandra, who literally had to persuade me to spend our honeymoon on Hawaii in 2002. I'm so glad she didn't surrender, otherwise my enthusiasm for Hawaii had never been stimulated.

And definitely I would have enjoyed all those islands, miracles of nature, the waterfalls and sunsets only half as much without here. (But believe me, even without my wife it's a beautiful place on earth, and I will definitely not borrow her )

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The German laws don't require these contact details for a private website, however, I'd like to provide you with the data in case you'd like to contact me.

Mathias Hehn
Marie-Curie-Straße 18
59399 Olfen

As you can derive from the dilettantish design of this website, I don't do it for a living - luckily for all of us. In fact I'm travelling Germany and the world as a consultant in the name of my employer, a medium-sized IT company in Dortmund, GERMANY, to make our customers' IT a bit more bearable or profitable (preferably both).

In the meantime my business trips led me to Munich (more than 2 years), Düsseldorf (almost 2 years), Göppingen (more than a year), Neu-Isenburg, Bremen, Berlin, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, but also to Switzerland and the USA - San Francisco (2 weeks), Austin (1 week) - to the most ordinary and the most uncommon places, while I always had to buy the tickets to Hawaii myself (so far).

Perhaps I should turn my hobby into profession and compile detailled travel schedules for Hawaii travelers. But the audience is limited: those looking "only" for recreation are happy with a regular travel agency, while those planning to see more of Hawaii will probably work out their own schedule, hotels etc. anyway.

And with these pages I'm even supporting you...

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