Polihale Beach 19.9.2005


The images' tooltips (shown when the mouse pointer stays over the foto for a while) provides you with some details about the foto, for example exposure and focal length.

About the fotos

All pictures on this website are taken by myself if not specified differently. Alle images (C) Mathias Hehn, use for other than private purposes is explicitely forbidden unless you have my written permission.

For the technically interested readers: the fotos (with a few exceptions made by my wife with an IXUS500, you will find a note about this with the foto) were made with a Canon EOS10D and several different lenses (Canon EF 4.0/17-40L USM, Canon EF 3,5.5,6/28-135 IS USM, Canon EF 4-5,6/75-300 IS USM). The 6 megapixel images were processed by DXO Optics Pro first to get rid of all (mathematically correctable) errors. After that, they were shrinked to a web-compatible size with Google Picasa.

Those shrinked images were then processed by the Picasa one-click optimization algorithm (I didn't want to do this manually for 2686 fotos, so Picasa was the easiest way), but all "original size" images are unmodified except for the lens correction by DXO). This explains any differences between the small and full-size version of the fotos.

The EXIF data (camera parameters etc.) stored in the pictures are still there, but I forgot to adjust the camera-internal clock, so you have to substract 12 hours from any timestamp stored in the images. The image titles/alt tags already reflect the local time, so that you have a chance to tell sunrises from sunsets without the need of a calculator

(C) Mathias Hehn all rights reserved.